Visa Information for US citizens

There are several categories of tourist visa—single entry ($225 or $345), double entry ($275 or $455), and multiple entry ($405). Elbrus Elevation strongly suggests obtaining a double entry visa, which is good for 30 days, to provide for unforeseen eventualities that may occur. We recommend a multiple entry visa, which is good for up to three years. With a multiple entry visa, you will not need a new visa the next time you want to come back to the Caucasus!
The process of obtaining a visa to Russia from the United States is always shifting. Therefore, please contact Elbrus Elevation when you are ready to begin your visa application process, and we will send you the most current information about how to complete your visa application.

Needed for obtaining a Russian visa from the United States:
– A valid passport
– A passport sized photo
(There are specific requirements for passport photos, so we do not recommend trying to do this yourself. Most mail service stores, chain drugstores, and other stores with photo centers offer this service for $10-$20.)
– Policy information for medical insurance valid in Russia
– The full amount of your chosen visa option in one of the following formats: money order, credit card, or check