Tour de Kavkaz - Stage 1

Tour de Kavkaz - Stage 1


Available July 15 through September 15 = 6 nights/6 days

Pricing Structure

  • $1,910/person for 3-6 passengers
  • $1,720/person for 7-14 passengers (10% off)
  • $1,530/person for 15+ passengers (20% off)

Holiday Type

Mountain Biking


Tour Itinerary

  • Arrival Day: Airport pick-up, Hotel check-in, Registration
  • Day 1: Bike from Hot Springs to Nalchik, Nalchik Atazhukinsky Garden & Central Park, Nalchik hotel
  • Day 2: Bike from Nalchik to Chegem, Chegem Waterfalls, Paradrome stay
  • Day 3: Rest day (Optional: Paragliding, Ziplining, Rope jumping), Paradrome stay
  • Day 4: Bike from Paradrome to Bylym, Balkar cultural exchange
  • Day 5: Bike from Bylym to Dzhily-Su, Dolina Kavkaza stay
  • Day 6: Explore Valley of Springs, Kislovodsk, Airport Transfer


The name of this adventure brings to mind the Tour de France, but not all our cross-country biking is on paved roads. Dirt and rock roads were developed high in the Caucasus Mountains during the Soviet era to form a network spanning hundreds of kilometers and traversing numerous high-altitude passes still in existence. Today these deteriorated roads, unpassable for most vehicles, are ideal for mountain bikers who love nature and don’t mind an occasional uphill.

Each day presents approximately 20-25 kilometers of challenging off-road terrain, both uphill and down. Due to the steep grades and uneven terrain, we recommend this course only to those with 1-2 years of mountain biking experience. Interspersed stretches of plateau/flatlands each day provide panoramic views at altitude where you can take in Mount Elbrus and its surrounding regions in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Half-way through the tour you’ll rest for a day at Fly Chegem’s mountain oasis – The Paradrome. Then, after another majestic day of mountain biking, you’ll enjoy a cultural exchange showcasing Balkar hospitality in the village of Bylym. After your fourth day of glorious off-roading, you’ll revitalize at Tour Base Dolina Kavkaza, nestled above the Valley of Springs, before making your way the next day to the airport via Kislovodsk’s resort area.

Included in this tour

  • Planning consultation including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Recommended flight schedules
    • Airport information
    • Step-by-step visa application guide
    • Seasonal advice
    • Local expertise
  • Airport transfer within the North Caucasus
  • Transport to all included tour locations
  • 4x4 transport of all luggage and camping equipment (tourists only carry daypacks)
  • Registration in Russia
  • All accommodations while on tour
  • Three meals daily (excepting travel days to/from tour)
  • Unlimited bottled water
  • An EE selected and approved guide/translator
  • Cultural exchange/local talent cost (when applicable)

Not included in this tour

  • Airfare (approx. $1500)
  • Travel insurance (approx. $3/day per person, including travel days)
  • Visa to Russia (approx. $425/person, 3-year, multi-entry for US citizens)
  • Meals on travel days to/from tour
  • Tips for guides/translators (approx. $10/day for the group)
  • Tips for drivers/servers (according to service provided)