Heaven on Horses

Heaven on Horses


Available July 15 through September 15 = 7 days/ 7 nights

3 Rider Minimum; 10 Rider Maximum

Pricing Structure

  • $1,365/person for 3-6 passengers
  • $1,160/person for 7-10 passengers (15% off, max. 10)

Holiday Type

Horseback Riding


Tour Itinerary

  • Arrival Day: Airport pick-up, Hotel check-in, Registration
  • Day 1: Horseback ride from Kedelen to Kamennomostskoye, River campsite
  • Day 2: Horseback ride from Kamennomostskoye to Gedmish, Natural Springs campsite
  • Day 3: Horseback ride from Gedmish to Dzhily-Su, Mountain Base campsite
  • Day 4: Horseback ride in Dzhily-Su area, Mountain Base campsite
  • Day 5: Horseback ride from Dzhily-Su to Horsemaster’s Ranch, Ranch stay
  • Day 6: Horseback ride from Horsemaster’s Ranch to Kendelen, Balkar cultural exchange
  • Day 7: Baksan Valley, Gondola ride up Mt. Elbrus, Airport transfer


Any tour of the North Caucasus is a good thing, whether on foot, a mountain bike, or in a SUV. But, if you want to see Mount Elbrus and its surrounding regions like a local, then you need to ride horseback. The hidden treasures revealed on this near-200-kilometer saddle ride can be uncovered on foot, but it’s sure to take longer than the six days these Kabardian horses need to traverse the mountainous terrain.

If you’ve never ridden a horse, or if you imagine you could pick up off-trail riding quickly, then this adventure isn’t for you. But, for those with years of riding experience, we’re convinced that you’ve never had so much fun on horseback. Local ranchers have devised this route through the mountains with you in mind, and they look forward to sharing stories from their perspectives with the help of EE guides.

Led by Kabardian horse masters through raw, undeveloped terrain, you may start to feel like a city-slicker after a few days on this “trail.” Whatever the case, you’ll be received like royalty in the Balkar village of Kendelen, and they’ll assist your revitalization efforts with their home-grown culture of hospitality. Before making your way back to the airport, you’ll ride (a gondola this time) up Mount Elbrus to look over the regions you visited just days ago.

Included in this tour

  • Planning consultation including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Recommended flight schedules
    • Airport information
    • Step-by-step visa application guide
    • Seasonal advice
    • Local expertise
  • Airport transfer within the North Caucasus
  • Transport to all included tour locations
  • Registration in Russia
  • All accommodations while on tour
  • Three meals daily (excepting travel days to/from tour)
  • Unlimited bottled water
  • An EE selected and approved guide/translator
  • Cultural exchange/local talent cost (when applicable)

Not included in this tour

  • Airfare (approx. $1500)
  • Travel insurance (approx. $3/day per person, including travel days)
  • Visa to Russia (approx. $425/person, 3-year, multi-entry for US citizens)
  • Meals on travel days to/from tour
  • Tips for guides/translators (approx. $10/day for the group)
  • Tips for drivers/servers (according to service provided)