Angler's Paradise

Angler's Paradise


Available All Year = 6 days/6 nights

Pricing Structure

  • $1,605/person for 3-6 passengers
  • $1,445/person for 7-14 passengers (10% off)
  • $1,285/person for 15+ passengers (20% off)

Holiday Type



Tour Itinerary

  • Arrival Day: Airport pick-up, Hotel check-in, Registration
  • Day 1: Sulak Canyon and Lake, Dubki Village, Avar cultural exchange
  • Day 2: Sulak River fishing, Fish fry dinner
  • Day 3: Agrakhansky Bay fishing, Nogai cultural exchange
  • Day 4: Agrakhansky Bay fishing, Adzhi Papas Lake, Night fishing (overnight on boat)
  • Day 5: Adzhi Papas Lake fishing, Kumyk cultural exchange, Kaspiysk hotel
  • Day 6: Caspian Sea beach, Souvenir shopping, Airport transfer


Are you constantly searching for unique freshwater fishing experiences? If so, then your search is finally over! Anglers’ Paradise was designed with you in mind, and it undoubtedly includes a few adventures you never imagined. That is, unless you have imagined the grandiose Sulak Canyon as the backdrop of your trout-saturated fishing hole. Or, maybe you’ve daydreamed of the 70-plus distinct species of fish found in the Agrakhansky Bay that might nibble on your hook as you’re captivated by the reflection of the Caspian?

EE guides also know there are those who are constantly searching for the unique freshwater fish-eating experience. Don’t worry – whether your catch fills up the live well or needs a little exaggeration, our guides will make sure your belly is full of mouth-watering trout and other tasty treasures found in these meandering mountain rivers.

Although you may like to spend most of your time with fish, remember that locals in the North Caucasus are eager to display their time-honored cultures – most notably the traditions of hospitality and respect shown to their guests. Expect your cultural exchanges with the Avar, Nogai and/or Kumyk peoples to stay with you far longer than the vacuum-filled fish you ship back home.

Included in this tour

  • Planning consultation including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Recommended flight schedules
    • Airport information
    • Step-by-step visa application guide
    • Seasonal advice
    • Local expertise
  • Airport transfer within the North Caucasus
  • Transport to all included tour locations
  • Registration in Russia
  • All accommodations while on tour
  • Three meals daily (excepting travel days to/from tour)
  • Unlimited bottled water
  • An EE selected and approved guide/translator
  • Cultural exchange/local talent cost (when applicable)

Not included in this tour

  • Airfare (approx. $1500)
  • Travel insurance (approx. $3/day per person, including travel days)
  • Visa to Russia (approx. $425/person, 3-year, multi-entry for US citizens)
  • Meals on travel days to/from tour
  • Tips for guides/translators (approx. $10/day for the group)
  • Tips for drivers/servers (according to service provided)