Tour de Kavkaz – Stage 2 (With Bike Rental)

from 1,530.00 $


Available July 15 through September 15 = 7 nights/7 days

Pricing Structure

$1,915/person for 3-6 passengers
$1,725/person for 7-14 passengers (10% off)
$1,530/person for 15+ passengers (20% off)

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  • Holiday Type
  • Activity Level Moderate
Tour de Kavkaz – Stage 2 (With Bike Rental)

Ride Data

Day Start Liocation (alt.) End Location (alt.) Dist.
1 Nalchik (565m) Hot Springs (553m)  27 km (up and down, paved/gravel)
2 Hot Springs (553m) Blue Lakes (847m)  24 km (always slightly grading up, paved)
3 Blue Lakes (847m) Upper Balkaria (1,179m) 18 km (uphill, paved/gravel)
4 Bezengi Village (1,400m) Paradrome (1,400m) 27km (most difficult up & down, dirt/gravel)
5 Paradrome (1,400m) Lower Chegem (939m) 25 km (downhill, gravel/paved)
6 Lower Chegem (939m) Nalchik (565m)  32 km (downhill or flat, paved)


* Except for travel days, meals and unlimited water are included in the expense of this tour package.

** Tips are expected for guide/translator (represents additional expense to tourists – approximately $10/day.)

*** Tips for drivers and servers are appropriate according to the quality of service provided.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Planning Consultation
– Including, but not limited to, recommended flight schedules, airport information, step-by-step visa application guide, seasonal advice, and local expertise
Airport Transfer
All Tour Transportation
Meals (x3/day)
Unlimited Water
All Accommodations
Registration in Russia
Experienced Guide/Translator
Cultural Exchange Talent Costs (when applicable)
Gondola fee (when applicable)
Gift bags (including snacks and gifts)

What is not included in this tour package:Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Not Included:

RU Visa & Processing – $430/tourist (3-year, multi-entry)

Travel Insurance – $30/tourist ($3/day)

Airfare – $1,600

Not Included Total – $2,060

15+ Pax. Tour Cost – $1,490

Estimated Total Cost – $3,550

  1. Night 1 Late afternoon arrival (fly into MinVody airport, transfer to Nalchik accommodations)

    Moscow is the gateway city for passengers entering Russia.  From any of Moscow’s airports you can find connections to your destination airport – Mineral Waters (MRV). You will transfer from MRV to Nalchik and accommodate at the Grand Caucasus Hotel.

  2. Day 1 Sight-see Nalchik’s central park on bikes, cultural exch.1 (Nalchik accommodations)

    After sleeping off your jet lag and enjoying a first-rate brunch, you’ll casually spend your first day sight-seeing Nalchik’s grand-sized central park on bikes.  Once back to the hotel, you’ll meet local musicians who can’t wait to introduce you to Caucasus music.

  3. Day 2 Bike Riding Day 1 (see Ride Data) – relax in hot springs (Hot Springs accommodations)

    Ride one may will help you get into form for the rides that remain, as it is a mix of pavement and gravel as well as up and down.  If it leaves you a little sore, you’ll have the hot springs to help you relax after the day’s ride.  Your accommodations will be just a few steps away.

  4. Day 3 Bike Riding Day 2 (see Ride Data) – sight-see Blue Lake (Blue Lake accommodations)

    According to the ride data, you’ll gain 300 meters of altitude on this ride.  But, the grade is so gradual that you’ll feel like you’re riding level.  The road is paved, so there’s nothing to hold you back from record time.  Stroll around the Blue Lake once arriving.

  5. Day 4 Bike Riding Day 3 (see Ride Data) – sight-see Upper Balkaria (Upper Balkaria accommodations)

    Uphill is the only way to get to Upper Balkaria, but it’s not that far.  The gravel road may complicate things a little, but there are nice overlooks along the way if you need a breather.  Once in the village, check out the memorial and climb the old ruins.

  6. Day 5 Bike Riding Day 4 (see Ride Data) – paragliding, cultural exch.2 (Paradrome accommodations)

    Compared to the rest of the tour, this ride is clearly the most difficult.  But, there is a light at the end of this metaphorical tunnel.  A 25-minute paragliding ride awaits anyone who arrives at the end of the day with enough time left (and 3,000 Rubles in his/her pocket).

  7. Day 6 Bike Riding Day 5 (see Ride Data) – hike to lower waterfall (Lower Chegem accommodations)

    The hardest ride is followed by the easiest, as you’ll ride exclusively downhill from the paradrome to Lower Chegem.  You’ll pass the upper waterfalls while you’re riding.  To see the lower waterfall, you’ll hike ten minutes from your accommodations.

  8. Day 7 Bike Riding Day 6 (see Ride Data) – sight-see city of Nalchik (Nalchik accommodations)

    Returning to Nalchik on paved roads won’t present a challenge, but it might take most of the day.  With any time you have left, you can tour the city or relax at the hotel.  If you get out, don’t miss the Green Market with its sights and …..smells.

  9. Day 8 Gondola up Mt. Elbrus, see Pyatagorsk, evening departure (fly out of MinVody airport)

    After a hearty breakfast, excursion to Mt. Elbrus (Europe’s highest peak) and ride the gondola up to over 10,000 ft. above sea level.  After viewing the region from on high, you will transfer back to Mineral Waters (MRV) airport for an evening departure.