Heaven on Horses

from 1,160.00 $


Available July 15 through September 15 = 7 days/ 7 nights

3 Rider Minimum; 10 Rider Maximum

Pricing Structure

$1,365/person for 3-6 passengers
$1,160/person for 7-10 passengers (15% off, max. 10 pax.)

  • Holiday Type
    Horseback Riding
  • Activity Level Very Difficult
Heaven on Horses

Come join other horseback riders to travel exclusively by horseback through beautiful river valleys and surrounding canyons of the Caucasus. These horses will even carry riders up to elevated heights around Mt. Elbrus to take in all the natural beauty of its foothills. Besides camping, villagers themselves will also host guests for an authentic taste of local hospitality and cuisine.

* Except for travel days, meals are included in the expense of this tour package.

** Tips are expected for servers, guides and drivers.  Guides usually receive approximately $10 per day.

*** Drivers and servers according to the quality of service provided.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Planning Consultation
Including, but not limited to, recommended flight schedules, airport information, step-by-step visa application guide, seasonal advice, and local expertise
Airport Transfer
All Tour Transportation
Meals (x3/day)
Unlimited Water
All Accommodations
Registration in Russia
Experienced Guide/Translator
Cultural Exchange Talent Costs (when applicable)
Gondola fee (when applicable)
Gift bags (including snacks and gifts)

What is not included in this tour package:Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Not Included:

RU Visa & Processing – $425/tourist (3-year, multi-entry)

Travel Insurance – $25/tourist ($3/day including travel days)

Airfare – $1,500

Not Included Total – $1,950

15+ Pax. Tour Cost – $1,160

Estimated Total Cost – $3,110

  1. Night 1 Late afternoon arrival (fly into Mineralnye Vody, transfer to Kendelen for accommodations)

    Moscow is the gateway city for passengers entering Russia.  From any of Moscow’s airports you can find connections to your destination airport – Mineral Waters (MRV).  You will transfer from MRV airport to accommodations in a local’s home in the village of Kundolen.

  2. Day 1 Horseback ride to Kamennomost (#1 campground near river for accommodations)

    After sleeping off jet lag and having a hearty brunch, you’ll meet the horse master and begin your first day’s ride from Kundolen to Habaz Village.  Once you’ve made your way through some beautiful countryside, you’ll camp for the night beside a river that should help you sleep well.

  3. Day 2 Horseback ride to Gedmish (#2 campground at natural springs for accommodations)

    A morning ride to behold Gedmish Waterfall (the locals have dubbed it Avatar Waterfall) leads the way for an afternoon ride to a babbling fresh-water spring – your next campsite.

  4. Day 3 Horseback ride to Dzhily-Su (#3 campground at Dzhily-Su for accommodations)

    The highlight of the first part of your day will be the view of Mt. Elbrus from the top of majestic Kenjal Plateau. From there you’ll descend the plateau and make your way across hilly, rocky terrain until arriving at Juli Su. Its many waters are renowned for healing power – not great taste.

  5. Day 4 Horseback ride around Dzhily-Su area (#4 campground at Dzhily-Su accommodations)

    It will take time to see and sample all of the mineral waters at Juli Su, so you’ve got this day to do just that.  Juli Su sits at the base of Mt. Elbrus on its western side, so the mountain may catch your gaze throughout the day.  Don’t worry – you’ll get to stand on Mt. Elbrus before you leave.

  6. Day 5 Horseback ride to horse master's ranch (ranch accommodations)

    After a full-day’s ride, you’ll enjoy spending a night at the horse master’s high-altitude ranch.  Since it’s also perched atop a plateau with its own beautiful overlook, your task will be mustering the willpower to leave the next morning.

  7. Day 6 Horseback ride back to Kendelen (to local’s home for accommodations)

    This horse trail leads back to where it started, as you’ll make the full-day’s ride back to Kundolen to revisit your local friends and spend one more night with them before departing.  We’ll not let you leave without a celebration worthy of your mountain trek – over 200 kilometers in six days!

  8. Day 7 Gondola up Mt. Elbrus, evening departure (fly out of Mineralnye Vody)

    After a hearty breakfast, excursion to Mt. Elbrus (Europe’s highest peak) and ride the gondola up to over 10,000 ft. above sea level.  After viewing the region from on high, you will transfer back to Mineral Waters (MRV) airport for an evening departure.