What is special about Elbrus Elevation?

Elbrus Elevation is American-run, which means we understand western sensibilities when traveling. Also, we are registered and certified with Rostourism agencies. EE takes responsible care of tourism and respects the environment and culture of the North Caucasus. The ultimate goal of Elbrus Elevation is to connect our clients to the land and people of the North Caucasus.

What kind of trips are available?

There are seven types of trips offered by Elbrus Elevation: Fishing, Sightseeing, Alpine Climbing, Horseback Riding, Snow Skiing / Boarding, Mountain Biking, and Trekking.


I have special dietary restrictions. Will they be acommodated? 

After you have booked your tour, please alert us to your dietary restrictions so we can accommodate appropriately. 

Will food be provided on this trip?

Meals will be provided 3 times a day except for traveling days to and from tours. (Poles and Powder tours are the exception.)  

What is included in my traveling package?

It depends on the package. Most traveling packages include meals (except for Poles and Powder tours), water, transport (airport and all ground transport), and an EE guide/ translator.

What is not included in my traveling package? 

The travel package does not include airfare, travel insurance, Russian visa or tips for guides/ translators and drivers. 

What is the cancelation/refund policy? 

Cancellation prior to EE’s expenditure of any funds toward your tour results in a full refund. After funds have been expended, refund is negotiated on an individual basis. Visa and airfare costs are not associated with the cancelation/refund policy of EE. 

Can I stay after my tour is over? 

Sure! We can take you to the airport or possibly drop you off at another location upon request. If you are wanting to stay in the area, we will do our best to get you to where you want to be. However, you are responsible for not overstaying your visa requirement.

How much money should I bring in cash (for tips, souvenirs, etc)?

An approximate amount of cash for tips and souvenirs would be $150. 

Where can I obtain Russian currency? 

The best place to obtain Rubles is an ATM in the Moscow airport. There are also ATM and cash exchanges in cities which are available on some tours. 

Do I need to pack bedding and towels?

No, all bedding is provided for Sightseeing, Fishing, and Winter Sports tours. If your tour includes camping, we recommend bringing your own sleeping bag. 

What is the weather like for summer tours? 

The weather in the North Caucasus depends on the region you are traveling in. The cities can be hot (80-90°F/26-32°C). The mountains are much cooler. There is always a chance of rain so it wouldn’t hurt to pack a rain jacket. 

Are there any specific cultural norms about which I should know?

This region of Russia is predominately Muslim, so offensive lettering, revealing clothing, thoughtless religious and political conversation should be avoided.


What happens in case of an emergency?

The guide/ translator is the first responder. They are certified in emergency response by the Russian Red Cross. The guide/translator will assess the situation and determine if it can be handled using the on-site first aid kit. The first aid kit is carried on every tour and is available at any time. In case of an emergency where the first aid kit cannot be used the guide/translator will use their satellite phone.

How do I get in touch with people for an emergency? 

On many tours you’ll have Wi-Fi access to be able to use Wi-Fi based cell services (i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook messenger). There will be some location where only satellite phones can be used. All guides on the trip will have satellite phones for emergencies.

If there is an emergency back home, how do they get in touch with me?  

Before the trip you will be given a number for people to reach you in case of an emergency. If Wi-Fi is accessible, then you will be able to communicate through Wi-Fi based apps (i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook messenger).


Is the water safe to drink?

Elbrus Elevation provides an unlimited amount of bottled and/or filtered water.

How safe is it to travel in the North Caucasus?

It is safe to travel in the North Caucasus. EE continuously monitors local and international politics, so we are able to offer the most knowledgeable information/ make the most informed decisions about the experiences we provide. EE has never had to change a tour due to unrest or political climate. 

Is it okay for a solo traveler to join this trip? 

Solo traveling is accepted and encouraged. However, you will be placed into a group with pre-set dates and times.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you need travel insurance. We recommend IMGlobal. However, you are welcome to choose any travel insurance.

Do I need a passport or visa to travel with Elbrus Elevation?

Yes, you need a passport to travel to Russia. Russia also requires a visa for tourists from most other countries. Click here for more visa information. US citizens can find US specific information here. We are happy to help you with the visa process. 

What kind of electrical plug is used? What kind of adapter do I need? Adapter or converter?

Since the voltage in Russia is similar to voltage in America, any European two-prong adapter will do the job. 

What kind of ground transport is available? Airport transfers?

Ground transport will include SUVs and wheeled vehicles as well as transportation to/from the airport. Trains will not be a part of transportation. 

For Americans traveling in Russia, the CDC recommends certain vaccines. They can be found here. Please consult with your doctor before making medical decisions.