Environmental Preservation – A Global Effort

Elbrus Elevation believes in preserving the beauty of the world God has graciously given to each of us. And, with our “Trek In, Trash Out” campaign, we’re putting our money where our mouth is!

Has anyone ever paid you for your garbage? Elbrus Elevation will! For any tourists who purchase an Elbrus Elevation multi-day adventure, we’ll pay you $20 for every bag of trash that you pick-up from the campgrounds/nature areas that we visit on the tour. In fact, get your fellow tourists to pitch in, and we’ll pay them $20 as well for helping! Here’s how it works — each tour group delivers its full trash bags (up to five bags/group of pre-existing trash) to us at any point during its adventure. Elbrus Elevation then gives you the corresponding amount of money as credit against your next EE adventure (redeemable up to three years after the end date of your previous tour). For example, if your group delivers to us five full bags of trash, then each tourist on the adventure receives a $100 credit toward their next EE tour. If your group has 10 people, then that’s a $1,000 savings for your group’s next EE adventure!

(Above – “Thank you for keeping the Caucasus beautiful! Let’s not litter. Place trash into garbage cans!”)

Preserving the environment has never been so simple or lucrative! Thank you for joining the cause! If you want to know more about how EE is helping to preserve our world, then please contact us for more information.