Elbrus Elevation

Elbrus Elevation seeks to provide services that improve the quality of life for peoples in the North Caucasus by strengthening the economy, providing jobs and on-the-job training, and facilitating interaction between diverse cultures.

Multi-day Adventures

Open your eyes to the beauty of the Caucasus Region! Elbrus Elevation offers 12 different pre-built, multi-day adventure packages that allow tourists to experience the beautiful environs of Mount Elbrus while encountering a diversity of peoples and cultures native to the North Caucasus.

Day Trips

For those located in the North Caucasus already, Elbrus Elevation offers escorted one-day trips to a variety of local adventure destinations. Let us know where you want to go, and we’ll help you organize a way to get there.

Mountain Crafts Shop

Homemade products created by the mountain peoples of the North Caucasus reveal generations of traditional craftsmanship largely forgotten in Western markets. Elbrus Elevation proudly introduces the ``mountain crafts`` of North Caucasus peoples to the world via our online shop.

“If you can plan it, then it’s not a real adventure.” Zaur Nashapigov

Imagine a non-Westerner saying that a trip to America is complete after only visting New York City or Los Angeles, places that they know about mostly through media and movies. Sure, those places are worth visiting. Or maybe they’re seeking a scenic getaway, looking for the best that America has to offer, and only Yosemite or Yellowstone national parks come to mind. Yes, they are stunning and offer plenty for sightseers and active outdoorsmen. But, what a missed opportunity for any outdoor adventurer if he/she never heard of Denali, North America’s highest mountain and one of the Seven Summits (the highest peaks on each of the world’s continents). Alaska is probably not a top-of-mind destination for people planning a trip to the United States. Southern Russia is even more obscure to most Westerners, but there is a whole other world to discover there. Of course, Russia is the world’s largest nation, stretching from Eastern Europe through northern Asia, covering nine different time zones, and therefore features extremely diverse climates and landscapes. Ask yourself this … Into what position do you clump Russia when thinking about a geographical map? Do you think about Moscow – Russia’s financial and political center? How about St. Petersburg, the beautiful home of Russian art, culture and heritage or Trans-Siberia, the area that dominates the rest of Russia’s flat, cold and barren land inhabited by bears?

Those are probably the only familiar sights and sounds for non-Russians. But, head almost directly south from Moscow and you’ll discover the majestic mountains of the North Caucasus, home to warm, hospitable locals who descend from fascinating ancient cultures that transcend Soviet and Russian influences. Elbrus Elevation (EE) is an in-bound tour operator aspiring to open people’s eyes to this unique, untouched land and culture. EE provides a variety of tour packages suitable for any time of the year, including winter snow skiing (“Poles and Powder”), summer mountain climbing (“Extreme Elbrus”), or fishing any time of year (“Anglers’ Paradise”). These trips, as well as our other multi-day adventures, showcase gorgeous, lush river valleys, waterfalls and breathtaking views of villages below, or awe-inspiring views of snow-capped peaks above. Experienced, local guides and translators who love their land, people and culture will insure maximum cultural immersion for tourists during their stay, so that they will fully experience the distinct community within the Mt. Elbrus vicinity. EE sincerely values and respects its relationship with the local community, and places the highest priority on environmental preservation.

Meet Our Company Management Team

Shannon Scarbrough

Shannon Scarbrough

Zaur Nashapigov

Zaur Nashapigov

Elena Dobrogorskaya

Elena Dobrogorskaya

``Whether you’re seeking a thin-air adventure or prefer to keep to the canyons, your adventure will be heightened by your involvement with Elbrus Elevation.”


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