86 Total Days
of Adventure
12 Multi-Day
3 North Caucasus
1 Highest Peak
in Europe

Client Reviews

Kelsey Beck (June 2017)
Kelsey Beck (June 2017) It was far more structured, safe, beautiful, and adventurous than I expected!!
Chris Fitzgerald (June 2017)
Chris Fitzgerald (June 2017) I didn’t really know what to expect, but I didn’t imagine it would be that epic!
Maggie Moran (August 2017)
Maggie Moran (August 2017) Every day I thought that I had reached the high point of the trip…then the next day was always just as incredible.
Joshua Crouse (June 2017)
Joshua Crouse (June 2017) Amazing! I’ve never seen mountains so beautiful and big, and it was soul-stirring!
Megan King (January 2017)
Megan King (January 2017) I enjoyed having lots of food places to choose from, and the locals were very kind.
Zach Beaver (July 2016)
Zach Beaver (July 2016) I felt really immersed in not only the adventure, but also the culture.
Andy Mitchel
Andy Mitchel This tour is amazing and was a life-event for me in every aspect.
Casey Ellis (June 2017)
Casey Ellis (June 2017) "This experience was so valuable, and the landscape and amazing food is not something that could be replicated anywhere else in the world."
Alex Choi (August 2017)
Alex Choi (August 2017) "I can’t express how WONDERFUL and eye-opening paragliding was! Best part by far."
Felicia Bender (January 2017)
Felicia Bender (January 2017) What an adventure tour. It was so cool to get to experience the local culture while adventuring.