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Heaven on Horses – Horseback Riding in the Caucasus

horses near elbrus
Come join other horseback riders to travel exclusively by horseback through beautiful river valleys and surrounding canyons of the Caucasus. These horses will even carry riders up to elevated heights around Mt. Elbrus to take in all the natural beauty of its foothills.  Besides camping, villagers themselves will also host guests for an authentic taste of local hospitality and cuisine.



(Available July 15 through September 15 = 7 days/ 7 nights)

* 3 Rider Minimum; 10 Rider Maximum *


Night 1 (Friday recommended) Late afternoon arrival to MinVody, transfer to Kendelen home for lodging)
Day 1 (Saturday) Horseback ride to Kamenomost (#1 camp at river for accommodations)
Day 2 (Sunday) Horseback ride to Gedmysh (#2 camp at springs for lodging)
Day 3 (Monday) Horseback ride to Juli Su (camp at Dzhily-su for lodging)
Day 4 (Tuesday) Horseback ride around Dzhily-su (camp near Dzhily-su for lodging)
Day 5 (Wednesday) Horseback ride to horse master’s ranch (ranch lodging)
Day 6 (Thursday) Horseback ride back to Kendelen (to local’s home for lodging)
Day 7 (Friday) Prepare for departure, sight-seeing, departure (fly out of MinVody)


Pricing Structure 3-6 Passengers 7-10 Passengers
Economy $1,200/person $1,080/person


Not Included:

RU Visa & Processing     $430/tourist
Travel Insurance             $30 ($3/day)
Round-trip Airfare          $1,600
Not Included Cost          $2,060
15+ Pax. Tour Cost         $1,080
Estimated Total Cost      $3,140


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Overall hiking difficulty level – Very Difficult (hiking difficulty calculator)

* Except for travel days, meals are included in the expense of this tour package

** Tips are expected for guides and translators (represents additional expense to tourists – approximately $10/day)

*** Tips for drivers and servers are appropriate according to the quality of service provided


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