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Excursions to Elbrus – Explore Nalchik and Elbrus Region

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What you can expect for “Excursions to Elbrus” Tour



Take a road trip with us to some of our favorite locations within and around the capital city of Nalchik in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. This charming city situated in the majestic Caucasus Mountain Range will be your home base for a week-long adventure of paragliding, bike-riding, hiking, zip-lining, rock-climbing and rappelling.


The parks, markets and other local amenities of Nalchik retain clear traces of the Republic’s ancient and folk traditions while the city is currently undergoing gradual transformation with cultural influences from both Moscow and the West. The convenient, comfortable and modern accommodation in center city Nalchik allows each tourist to check out the best eateries, cafes, shops and the soccer stadium to cheer on the Nalchik Spartans (if during the summer or fall season)!


nalchik capital building fountain


balkar market shopping


Venture out of the capital city and into the local villages in order to step further into ancient and historic lands where for centuries scores of empires and nations have converged and created a society in the rugged mountains that’s absolutely unique to Russia. Remember this won’t be a conventional sight-seeing tour. We’ll take you to beautiful areas of the Republic where even many locals haven’t been to, and we’ll explore in style – in the air, by cliffs, by zipline and by foot and 4-wheel drive when necessary.


paragliding setup


paragliding caucasus


brandon climbing lechinkay


zipline excursions to Elbrus


The last leg of the tour is at Pre-Elbrus – one of the largest ski resorts in Russia. We’ll take you around the base of the mountain and also give you a chance to ride up the gondolas to where the snow and ice will be within reach even during the summer. Come check out the highest peak in Europe from below and decide for yourself if summiting Mount Elbrus is going to be your next summer adventure!


top of chair lifts


(Available June 15 through September 15 = 6 days/ 6 nights)


Night 1 (Friday recommended) Evening arrival to MinVody, transfer (Nalchik for accommodations)
Day 1 (Saturday) Visit Nalchik park, 1,000 steps, cult. exch. #1 (Nalchik accommodations)
Day 2 (Sunday) Tunnel walk | Blue Lakes, warm springs swim (Nalchik accommodations)
Day 3 (Monday) Paragliding, ancient tombs, cultural exchange #2 (overnight at paragliding base)
Day 4 (Tuesday) Chegem waterfall, caving, Lechinkai zip-lining (Nalchik accommodations)
Day 5 (Wednesday) Gedmish falls, Haibasha village, cultural exchange #3 (overnight Kundolen)
Day 6 (Thursday) Gondola up Mt. Elbrus, evening departure MinVody airport.


Pricing Structure 3-6 Passengers 7-14 Passengers 15+ Passengers
Standard $1,150/person $1,035/person $920/person


Not Included:

RU Visa & Processing     $430/tourist
Travel Insurance             $30 ($3/day)
Round-trip Airfare          $1,600
Not Included Cost          $2,060
15+ Pax. Tour Cost         $920
Estimated Total Cost      $2,980


Overall hiking difficulty level – Easy to Moderate (hiking difficulty calculator)

* Except for travel days, meals and unlimited water are included in the expense of this tour package

** Tips are expected for guides and translators (represents additional expense to tourists – approximately $10/day)

*** Tips for drivers and servers are appropriate according to the quality of service provided


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