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Homemade products created by the mountain peoples of the North Caucasus reveal generations of traditional craftsmanship largely forgotten in Western markets. High-quality handiwork reflects time-honored skills honed everyday and passed from mother to daughter, father to son. Yet, apart from souvenirs purchased by the occasional tourist, these "mountain crafts" seldom find market beyond their local cultures. Realizing the know-how of local craftsmen and the value of their products, as well as the fact that not all travelers will tour the region, Elbrus Elevation proudly introduces the "mountain crafts" of North Caucasus peoples to the world via our online shop. Please see available items for purchase below.

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Wool Product Washing Instructions: For best results, hand wash in warm water. A washing machine may be used on manual/delicate mode, but results may vary. For drying, lay on a flat surface and hand-straighten wrinkles. Do not iron.