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Let us Plan an Exciting Tour for You Around Mt. Elbrus.


Elbrus Elevation is an inbound tour operator specializing in adventure tours in the environs of the 2014 Winter Olympics, located in the Northern Caucasus region of Russia. Pre-built tour packages include winter snow skiing (Poles and Powder), summer mountain climbing (Extreme Elbrus), spring to fall hiking / camping (Waters of Eden). At Elbrus Elevation, we provide local Russian guides who know the area well and we provide a translator to help you with every aspect of your trip. We will be with you every step of the way in your Adventure.

Extreme Elbrus is a premier tour package offering the chance to summit Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe. This package offers the height of adventure for the extreme sportsmen to experience a true mountain summit. Travelers will ascend to base camp on the slopes of Mt. Elbrus, spend time acclimating to the altitude and then continue on for a summit adventure.

Custom tours are also available on request. Prices for custom tours will vary depending on the type of adventure, the length of stay and the type of accommodation. Custom tours can be arranged for day trips and for stays of a few days or longer. We are happy to work with you to arrange a fun and memorable trip.

Inside the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, within the borders of the Russian Federation, we’ve elevated your exposure to the unique and virtually untouched mountainous landscape on and around Elbrus. Still under cloud-cover for many Westerners, Mt. Elbrus and its surrounding river valleys offer spectacular elevations for extreme alpinism or climbers and skiers of any level, as well as breath-taking waterfalls and glacier-filled gorges for those who simply want to take in the scenery.


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Whether you’re seeking a thin-air adventure or prefer to keep to the canyons, your adventure will be heightened by your involvement with Elbrus Elevation.



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