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Mountain Excursions in Russia’s Caucasus Region

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Elbrus Elevation (EE) is an in-bound tour operator aspiring to open peoples’ eyes to this unique, untouched land and culture. EE provides a variety of tour packages suitable for any time of the year. This includes winter snow skiing (“Poles and Powder”), summer mountain climbing (“Extreme Elbrus”), spring to fall hiking/camping (“Waters of Eden”), summer to fall horseback riding (“Heaven on Horses”), and diversified day trip excursions in and around Nalchik that lead up to a day spent in the Elbrus region (“Excursions to Elbrus“). These trips showcase gorgeous, lush river valleys, waterfalls and breathtaking views of villages and towns below, or awe-inspiring views of snow-capped peaks above what some natives call the ‘thousand mountains’ of Elbrus.




Experienced, local guides and translators who love their land, people and culture will ensure maximum cultural immersion for tourists during their stay. Our goal is to create adventures that allow our guests to recognize the distinct community within the Mt. Elbrus vicinity. EE sincerely values and respects its relationship with the local community, and places the highest priority on environmental preservation.




We offer single-day and/or multi-day pre-packaged tours, but if you want more, we can customize tour packages upon request. The length, stay, accommodations and other details are flexible to suit your preferences for a truly memorable trip that’s unlike any other mountain destination.




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Visit any link below to watch and learn various aspects of any of our multi-day tours.


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